We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    Hey jeff, my screenshots are really blurry for some odd reason. Can you take a trip to my claim if you get a chance and take a look at it and take some screenies? Or just tp to me when im on?

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    Got the co-ordinates? I'm busy this week, so I don't want to count on being when you are
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    3 days (and a few hours) left.
    Keep building. Also, it's not to late to enter!
    Don't forget to vote for the server!

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    I thought i replied saying i wanted to do it but turns out i didn't!!! Anyway i would like to join and I have completed mine it is Santa's Hat or a Christmas Hat whatever you want to call it. My plot is n4w24. Thanks!!!!

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    Also I don't know how to post a screenshot onto the forums help i'm on a mac.

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    I got it via imgur http://imgur.com/gIuiz,7QjXA,Qr9HR,h...1X,BmY7O,K55b8

    It lookes better in game -__-

    If you want to see it my plot cords are n7w23

    Interested on going inside? Ask me in game ill be happy to give you a tour

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    I had submitted this last year.

    x: -220
    y: 68
    z: 1019

    It is in CommanderFluffy's town.

    Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/c136X

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    Quote Originally Posted by minimina38 View Post
    Also I don't know how to post a screenshot onto the forums help i'm on a mac.
    Go to imgur.com, or any other picture sharing website, and upload the screenshot of your entry throught your minecraft screenshots folder. When the picture is done uploading, there are a bunch of URL's to the right of the image. copy the one that says Linked BBCode (Message Board and Forums). Now, paste it to your post here. Done.

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    Just finished my build, Don't know how to upload, Couldn't figure out what DCL was talking about
    Plot co-ords X:1690
    Z: -390

    On my build plot ( N2E13 Oasis)
    Want to earn some extra caps? Help me flatten my plot! Contact me in game for more details.

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    The contest is over.

    Could the remaining people please post here with their entries (pkd906, Fista_Cuffs, Zakchamakh, and ZanderChin)
    Don't forget to vote for the server!


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