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    I want a nether star.

    Event Hosting Application
    1. What is your Event name? I want a Nether Star
    2. What is the Event purpose? Get me a Nether Star, provide XP to willing players, show what is possible with teamwork.
    3. What is your Event rules? Cooperate to kill a wither, I get a Nether Star, you get an amount of caps decided by the amount of people in the crew and the time it took.
    4. Where will you host the Event? Wherever a Wither can be spawned and killed
    5. How long will the Event last? However long it takes. I may host a similar thing later, when I'll be ready for my second beacon.
    6. Is there going to be a reward? Caps.
    7. If there is going to be a reward, What will it be? Caps. And XP for guys that are there for the kill.

    So basically you guys need to setup a crew, and get the gear to get the job done.

    You can make it a competition, with 2 or more crews, yet only the winning crew gets paid.
    The winning crew is the first one to PM me with proof of having a Nether Star ready to be sold if I'm offline, or a /mail if I'm online.
    Each crew would have to spawn its wither on its own.

    For reference, a 5 person crew you'd each get 200 caps, plus diamond pieces (in PvE/Build) depending on the time it took.
    A 3 person crew would get paid more per person.

    In the event multiple nether stars are obtained through this event, I'm buying the first and second one, then selling the next, spreading the caps among the crews.

    Who's in? Make teams.
    You need a way to identify you to a team, if there are more than 1 crew willing to undertake this.

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    I'll give it a shot. Nothing like destroying stupid update spawn to cool off the post 1.4 rage.
    War does not determine who is right, only who is left

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    Consider it like me buying nether stars for the time being.

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    Ill go in a group with eaten if he wants

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    IF! Sure, if you want to. I found a good spot the other day
    War does not determine who is right, only who is left

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    Quote Originally Posted by eatenalive View Post
    IF! Sure, if you want to. I found a good spot the other day
    Ill be in on the team...but i dont want caps just want to fight a wither with you guys

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    you may want to try talking to tiberium. i know he had quite a few beacons. he may just sell one to you for a decent price, or you could get a looting 3 sword and spend a few hours killing wither skeletons for the skulls needed to spawn a wither. Anyways good luck with your hunt for a beacon.

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    I'll join who ever


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