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Thread: Airship Winners

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    Airship Winners

    The Great Airship Build contest is now over; the votes have been counted, and i can now announce the winners.

    I'd like to thank all those who entered and also, those who voted. Because we had two plot sizes, there is a set of prizes for each. Those who entered as a group will have prize money shared equally among all team members.

    1st Prize of 10,000 caps go to Plot 8 Mavaje and Plot 18 CptCarnage

    2nd Prize of 5000 caps go to Plot 3 Fista_cuffs and Plot 16 Rik_Maskoet and Creatve

    3rd Prize of 2000 caps go to Plot 5 Serythvalker, Plot 10 Jeff1741 and Plot 19 NineteenGiraffes

    (There are 3 third prizes because of the equal number of votes on plots 5 and 10)

    Everyone else who entered and completed a build within the contest time limit will win 500 caps.
    These include: Robodozer99, Ehgru4444, Mrcraft329, Pkd906, Yennage, Big_jesse_88, Muzza901, Biggyb123, DJ_Fallout, Maplethesnippa, Jeffharper, Mk59apr, Steffen12312, and Falconor01

    There is also a surprise bonus prize, kindly chosen and donated by Tiberium, for the best airship interior.

    Plot 4 Pkd906 wins a set of 12 music discs.

    Plot 14 Jeffharper wins the materials to make his very own Beacon.

    Once again, me and the rest of the MCA staff would like to thank everyone who took part or helped out in the running of this contest. Happy Building!

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    Great job everyone! All those airships were AMAZING!
    Want to earn some extra caps? Help me flatten my plot! Contact me in game for more details.

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    thx again limo for hosting and doing all the work with signs, etc etc.
    everything looks cool now with the wool boxes all down and platforms all gone.

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    Hi, thanks guys, it was serious fun doing this. Lots of work for you Limoman and it cost you a fortune. Tiberium thank you as well, I admit I spent a huge amount of time on the interior but gave myself quite a few laughs doing it. Once again, thanks and I just wish we really could fly these beasites.
    OK, so what's the speed of dark?

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    Nice work ya'll!
    "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear."
    - unknown

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    Ya good job everyone and thanx again Limo for such a cool contest.

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    yay congratz to all winners^^ it was a fun event

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    Congratz to all!!

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    Congratulations to the winners and also everyone who took the time to make an airship. As other have said, massive props to limoman for hosting such a successful contest and putting so much time and effort into planning and execution to make sure it all ran smoothly
    Don't forget to vote for our server!

    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!


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