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Thread: tractors

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    Hi, was chatting with mavaje as I was starting my tractor build, and I said I would upload my plans.
    here is the first part of the plans, a photo of my (real life!!!) tractor

    I took this photo, and taped it to a window, so that i could trace it onto graph paper, to give the second part of the plans:

    I realize this is not the best looking scan ever, but you get the idea.
    From here I have front and back pictures to create plans from above.
    ( - :

    screenshot below shows the wheels and axles started

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    this will be the first version of the tractor, i plan to build it on a bigger scale, with more colour.
    This version will help me sort out the proportions, etc.
    Here the wheels are done, and there is a center beam where the crankshaft would be

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    screenshot from sept 3 2013, done for now.


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