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    Biggest, Hugest, most Gigantical Castle in all of PvE!

    It all started 2 resets ago, I just, out of the blue, decided to build the biggest, the hugest, the most gigantical castle in all of MCA. So a few other addicts and I began construction, I can't honestly say that it was very impressive, but the newbies seemed to like it. It was great, but of course people tried grieving it, but all the attempts were pathetic, because, frankly, there is not much that people can bother doing to actually cause a significant amount of damage, so all damages were easily repaired.

    <<One reset later>>

    I liked the idea of castle in PvE, I think I might be just as addicted to that as MCA, so I build another, this time it was built on the tallest mountain I could find, plus it had a moat, which was unfinished by the time of the next reset, which brings me to the actual build you are following...

    mk59apr and I were discussing ideas for the next castle, this one will be more aesthetic in appearance, it will not be build of random blocks, but of only stone-like materials (basically anything of the same shade of grey as stone). It is in a snowy biome, which looks cool. This one is planned to have 2 layers of wall and a moat, down to bedrock(or very deep at least). So far the inner wall has been completed. The coordinates are (-230,-310) if you want to have a look and/or help build it.

    So far the people helping/have helped are:

    Take a look!(free preview)

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    Here four corner towers are begun.... cobbleatiousness!!!!!!!!!!

    below is my desktop sunset dream pic

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    couple more screens, with corner towers pretty much up to speed

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    Did you forget to insert the screens?

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    wait, nevermind. They just aren't showing up

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    I started some of the front wall and the giant gateway

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    and more screenshots, from aug31 2013

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