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    I honestly couldn't care less about what you say about me and the only reason I'm being a 'jerk' to you is because of the way you handle yourself. Always with the unnecessary posts and comments about anything you can find.
    Aka, you act like a child, bitching about everything and you want people to respect you. Yeah right...

    I'm not a part of cure in any way either, so please, continue and let's see how long you last here.
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    I give up.. :l
    You guys are both acting like little kids, bitching around.. Dudes, seriously, get a grib of yourselfs..

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    it's one of those days i think.... just spent like an hour or two trying to sort out a fight two people had at noobtown.
    ...Let's just say it was a lose/lose situation.... just couldn't work it out where the two people could feel fair about it.

    i would suggest scrolling back to spongepunk's post on this thread if you're wondering where to go from here.
    have a laugh, realize it's a game , and it's the internet, and breathe a bit....

    <3 tankxsy!!!!

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    Fista, please don't turn someone elses post into a chance to stir up trouble. If you can't say something constructive then don't say anything at all.

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    i wasnt trying to stir anything up or cause any trouble.

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    So I didn't interact with the community? Well that's a great start. I asked a simple question and I get this. It's exactly what I'm talking about. Since alien set the mood of talking freely, since when was this a post about screaming at Fista? I'm pretty sure he was part of the community I 'didn't' interact with. Apart from Jangles, you are pretty much the highest rank on this server, and you throw shit around like you have a right to. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't. It still doesn't help your already fatally tarnished reputation. I don't ask for friendship. I tried a long time ago, but it was never there. So again I ask, what happened to the real MCA?

    P.S. Good on you sponge punk for that post but I'm not here to have a laugh, I came for answers. And Jeff I'm going to have to decline your offer. I will not be gracing the server with a completed helicarrier, not if this is how shit gets sorted now.

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    Take 2, bottom of the ninth, pressure's on, I'll give this a shot!

    Sorry to hear you're disappointed with the perks structure eaten, like you mentioned, you donated before so you're familiar with the process and you've also been here for a while so you know how the server works too.

    Like anyone, you're more than welcome to have your say on things and hold an opinion so rather than try and beat you into a different way of thinking, I figured I'd try and give you some background info and rationalisations on the perk structure and the reasons it was implemented so you can make your own "final decisions" on it. Be forewarned, I'm prone to ramble, so if you want any clarifications or further info drop a reply or demand a tl;dr version.

    As you know, the previous donation method basically consisted of 100% voluntary payments in exchange for caps (and later creative access) and a dark green name. Unfortunately, as jeff mentioned, hosting a server that doesn't fall over every day is a costly and neverending expense. At around this time, community members were also pitching some new features (mob disguising, fly mode, extra kits etc.) so the reasoning was that these could be incorporated to offer some extra benefits (on top of caps) for donations.

    Now the main proviso with all of these donation options was that it only be used to enhance what users already had accessed to (for example, things like standard amounts of /pws remained free, ditto lwc protection etc.). I can also assure you that things like godmode were brought in solely for the "non competitive" worlds and would never be introduced in PvP worlds on a "pay to win" basis. In fact, the primary reasoning behind godmode as a perk was to facilitate easier mining to gather resources for the build world (basically the same as what you could achieve on your regular plot).

    In terms of your query about flying, this was implemented on a monthly basis so that we always have the option to remove it if required whilst creative world is permanently separated from all aspects of build (apart from /shop there is no way to spawn items in build, nor is there any way to access creative mode whilst /fly itself tends to lend itself more to expediting planning and travelling).

    To cut a long story short, these donations will always be optional "bonuses" and it will always be possible to have a standard, build world experience without spending a penny.

    As above, if I've missed anything at all or you're still concerned about stuff just drop in a reply and we'll do what we can. Apologies to Jeff too, I feel like I've ripped off a lot of what he managed to put far more concisely than I could.
    Don't forget to vote for our server!

    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    Guys, please stop fighting :'( There are children in Africa that are starving. Get your wits together! Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes by. WE NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS. Also, people keep bashing Kim Jong Un for keeping his country secluded. Well maybe it's because of you meany faced jerks that won't help the kids in Africa! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THIS SERVER? We need to do something absurd and completely ineffective and become friends. We can create a Utopia. YES WE CAN

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    Whatever dere


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