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Thread: World Bank

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    World Bank

    I'm posting this just to help people understand the idea behind the World bank project I started.

    1) Design Plan - The bank will cover one entire plot in Build, from edge to edge. It will be a single square structure, internally divided into 4x5 rooms (vaults), passways and stairs. The purpose of the World bank is to give anyone (mainly new players) a secure area in the BUILD world to store their items, even if they do not have their own plot yet.

    2) Overview (estimated timeline) - The initial build, which will probably be 4-5 levels tall, is expected to take several months due to the large number of rooms involved, although the outer shell of the building should only take about 2 weeks, depending on how many volunteers help.

    3) Portfolio - I consider this build a "community" project; my personal projects can be found at (N13,W8)(N13,W10)(N13,12) in the Islands region of the Build world.

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    Here are a couple of screen shots of the first day of building. A lot got done thanks to help from mk59apr, strikerpro, dcl_, zuko515) - sorry if I forgot anyone, it was several days ago...


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    It's been about a week since the project started, so here's a couple pics of the progress. You can see the front of the building is nearly done and a lot of lay-out work for the vaults and corridors is also done. I'm still adjusting the spacing to fit in some stairs, but I think the planning stage is more or less done now.


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    Looks great WECole!!!

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    The build has slowed down due to the Creative Contest, but will pick up soon.
    I added a lvl 30 enchanting table just inside the entrance for everyone to use.


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