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    ... Bad

    Hey guys, Yennage and myself were talking about Breaking Bad and I got on to parody names.

    e.g. Baking Bad: A runner up from the 'Great British Bake Off' (An English cooking show similar to Masterchef but merely with baking) resorts to cooking masses of Space Cakes in order to support his family in the future.

    We started to run dry fairly quickly but we thought it'd be interesting to see what you guys would come up with xD

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    Couple of my inputs:

    Pulsating Bad: A low rate trance DJ resorts to a beat that's literally sick to save his struggling discotheque

    Raking Bad: A down on his luck gardener resorts to cooking high-grade mulch to make ends meet during his quiet periods
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    This is interesting. I'll post again when I have some good ones lol. Btw I love Breaking Bad

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    Aching Bad: When you start getting horrible cramps, typically in the back, at the old age near about where Yenn or DCL are.

    Straking Bad: 1) When you have no idea how to build the bases of a boat, somehow making it float upside down or 2) the piece allowing a plane to be more aerodynamic falls off, making you fall miserably to your death, particularly if you're drunk or on birth control.

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    maple bad!!!
    if those guys have aching backs.... i'm screwed

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    i love the show.. just made it into season 4 last night.. anyways this isnt my parody idea but its still funny..

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    Braking Bad - When a vehicle owner gets into a financially devastating collision due to bad brakes in his motor vehicle, he actively works towards a revolutionary braking system that would change the world as we know it.

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    Breaking Bad - The definition of mischief means playful misbehavior or trouble making. Watch dubious plans unveil as nine to fivers prank their co-workers at work while they go and refill their coffee.

    hahahah, raking and braking ftw. A good chuckle there.
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