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    The solar system build project

    Earlier today, mk and I came up with an idea for a new community build. I was thinking that perhaps we could do a somewhat scale model of the solar system in capitol that would "orbit" around the build spawn. What do you guys think about this?

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    Sounds like a good idea, may turn out to be a bit too big to fit around the spawn tower with the region centres being there (assuming a relatively large Earth and an appropriately not to scale set of gas giants and sun) too but a definite +1 to this somewhere in Capitol. Any plans for putting stuff on the inside of each of the builds or were you thinking having them as just the planets?

    Also +1,000,000 to including Pluto, poor little guy still deserves his place
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    Well, actually what I was thinking was something along the lines of this.

    There would be planets scattered around the captiol region, of course still in the correct orbit sorta thing. Would that be too much?

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    I'm in.!!! Like this idea a lot and would welcome a challenge like this.
    The spawn becomes the sun?... which could be a big floating island that contains the current spawn.
    BUT, this spawn is a copy, or the one at spawn is a copy, at any rate they are repeated, so why not tear it all down and build the sun, or a new spawn of some kind for build world?

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    Tearing down the spawn would be tough because we'd probably have to relocate all the build portals

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    Ah yeah those designs look great, having them spread out like that also makes the differences in scale less apparent, plus good old Pluto still has a place.

    Any plans on building any of the notable moons? I reckon they'd be tricky to do (especially Earth's) but some of Jupiter and Saturn's are really interesting.

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    I want this to be as exact as possible. Saturn would have all 50 moons or however many saturn has.

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    I think it's a good idea, but going back to another discussion, many new players come into build and see empty GROUND (so maybe have something on the ground too (maybe small ready-to-give-out build plots (as long as the planets are protected))).

    But yeah, I like this idea, but one other suggestion, if you just make a bunch of planets it's not going to look like they are 'orbiting' so maybe include the orbit 'rings' (possibly just a thin ring of glass blocks) to show the paths of the planets.

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    Yes, i think we need a build world spawn village or some such thing in view of build spawn.
    but not just any village, could be a good spot for a house build competition or something along those lines....
    It should be awesome at the very least!!

    and ya, absolutely mava, orbit rings are a great idea.

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    in fact there is a little bit of stuff that's been built near build spawn... maybe that house and firestation could be the start of a city?


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