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Thread: Neyland Stadium

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    Neyland Stadium

    Hello guys, I recently decided to undertake a new project (And actually complete this one fully) I decided I'd do a model of Neyland Stadium. Currently I only have the border marked out on the plot, and I plan for the stadium to take up all of the plot, or possibly leaving some room for a parking lot, though I doubt I'll do that. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share by the end of the weekend! Anyway, for those of you who don't know what Neyland Stadium is, allow me to tell you. Neyland Stadium is the football stadium of MAH FAV team, the Tennessee Vols. Here's some pics of it:

    I don't really have an ETA on this build, but since I won't be on as much as usual on the weekdays for a while, this build while probably take me past Halloween. tl;dr hope you enjoy
    Edit: no idea why that 3rd pic is there.
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    Btw, I will be taking any clay, stone (smooth or cobble), and dirt donations.
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    Love the idea! I'm a huge college football fan, so I'd love to see one of the most iconic SEC stadiums built on our server.

    (P.S. Good luck to you guys next week in Oregon, lol. I'll be cheering for you until you play my Georgia Bulldogs :P )

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    What a way to spend a Sunday...
    Haha, we're gonna need all the luck we can get next week Jex.
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    World Map updated!
    Here's what I got done last weekend, hope to get part of the stands done this weekend.
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    I haven't gotten as much done as I'd like over the past few weeks, but I'm hoping to really go at it since I have Fall break until next Wednesday
    Here's the progress I've made:

    I hope to finish off the seating today or tomorrow, then start on the boxes above the stands and the lights.
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    Finished the stands, added the rim thing on the top of the stands. The platform on the left is the start of a press box above the stadium.
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    Lights above the boxes, gonna hide the redstone next then replicate it on the other box.
    Oh, and I've almost finished the boxes, they'll be done when 1.7 comes and I can get my black glass in there ;D
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    I forgot to show off my epic redstone skills
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    There's the shot of the finished lights, I have less than a stack of redstone left now, so I'm gonna be all over PVE when it resets next. Also, DCL gave me the idea to hook the lights up to daylight sensors, so big thanks to him.
    The jumbotron, which was more a challenge than I thought, due to the amount of ink I needed (Thanks to Leprince for selling a good amount to me)
    Also, thanks to Maple for this little...gift I plan to make a little...exhibit about this. :>
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