We run Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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    There hasn't been a first day striker :P

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    Oh, well get on ready? Lol

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    I was online with Zanderchin last night and he asked if I could help make this happen. I said let's try picking a date.
    What we came up with was to pick a weekend as a window.

    I'm thinking of the weekend after Valentines Day

    FEBRUARY 15 and 16!!!!!!!!

    If this works for people, then we can always be more specific, fine tune it to saturday evening or something like that.

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    Sounds great the first step is getting a date for people to mark down on there calendars :P we could have different activities at the event so we can raise hype for it. I'm thinking that everyone who logs into ventrilo that day gets one entry into a raffle! I'm sure me and many others would gladly donate caps to raffle off and raise hype for the event and get more people aware of it. Other then that we can just try and let people know and maybe have a nice event post thats clear and simple of a date and time for people to come visit.

    I really hope we can get this running!

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    What? I remember when Yennage was new. Most of those names for me aren't ever coming back.

    A little sad now.

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    Dang just remembered this.

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    I"m planning to keep an eye on the teamspeak this weekend


    hopefully some of our old friends will come around and say hello


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    Mk Just checking evening in which timezone! I will try and jump on depending what time it is!
    I run a shop. Buy stuff!

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    I'm not going to call a specific time, unless others do.
    lets say saturday from noon EST to sunday at 6pm EST, as a very general idea.


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