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    Starting a build of the DNA molecule in Build World.
    here are some design shots from sketchup:

    searching for models.....

    i like this one:

    the start of placing the minecraft block pack into the DNA shape

    here is the build site, near the mushroom biome in Aquaria

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    couple more screenshots and thanks to alien12 for a bunch of digging!

    Dinnerbone the cow:

    The dig is DONE!!!!
    mycelium has been planted at bedrock level, and all ores from level 16 down have been left in place

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    graph paper plans for the DNA strand:

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    same plans after a couple hours of sorting out all possible strand pathways....

    The plans are complicated, because the double helix is not opposed by 180deg, but by 157.5deg.
    The two red/green blobs are the starting points of the double helix

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    wow this looks so random...

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    finally time to figure out the helix path, this is from sketchup again:

    and single player with SPC:

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    Most of the head scratching is now done, the frame work of the double helix and the strands are all in place on MCA

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    more screenies:

    DCL_'s tree stand

    above show the process of colouring the strands.
    I'm following the red/yellow and blue/green colours often used for Adenine/Thymine and Guanine/Cytosine
    The DNA molecule is pretty amazing, more info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA

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    more colors:

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    this project will be very slow to finish, this is with hundreds more blocks added, doesn't look that much different:


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