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    29924505 - s22w4

    1: What plot do you want? S22, W4
    2: What is your Minecraft username? 29924505
    3: What are you going to build? Me and Twistedt and GhostlyHalo plan on building RataSum city And thats why me and Twistedt took so close land plots so it would actualy be close to 1:1 scale

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    Guild Wars 2 fans I see? This would be a spectacular undertaking and one of the more unique builds I've seen.

    Typically our guidelines would state that your first plot be a little smaller, but yourself and TwistedT have talked to me multiple times in-game of your ideas. Because yourself and the other 2 players you mentioned are all collaborating on this project together and seem serious about it, I'll give you the go-ahead for the plot. Make the server proud.

    Approved, welcome to Oceania.


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