Hey Addicts.

After a long wait (sorry, mostly out of our control) the server has been updated to 1.7.2/1.7.4.
We've been waiting on a somewhat stable bukkit release for some time and then plugins to update to be compatible with the bukkit release, along with tweaking things to try and keep the server lag free for most. We recommend you update your client to 1.7.4 and not 1.7.2 because there are numerous client side bugs in 1.7.2.

There still may be numerous bugs that have stuck around, all we ask is you post a thread in the support thread titled something along the lines of "[1.7 Bug] Your issue here" and in the body of your thread a description of the problem and a way to replicate it for testing.
Please check your issue hasn't already been posted beforehand.

Arenas will appear within the next week or two and Civ has been removed due to problems involving the factions plugin. PvE and possibly Nether will be regenerated this week.

See you around
Minecraft Addicts Staff