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Thread: selfie

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    Well technically, both posts are in the past...
    Definitely didn't write this during class...

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    Okay, I have a good one for y'all.

    Snapped a rare photo of the elusive cooliojulio outside of his natural habitat!

    One more block...
    One more block...
    One more block...
    "I'm sooo sorry I shot you when you were trying to give me potatoes." - NanaLiana to strikerpro

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    Why not another.

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    Last edited by munchy55; 01-13-2017 at 12:53 AM. Reason: Fixed image

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    i just looked through all 13 pages and everyone looks so different than i expected wow

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    SMART MUNCHY???? :thinking:

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    And yes I hold my phone like an old person.

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    All grown up munchy :")

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    Does this count? :thinking:


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