SprucePort is proud to host the first MCA Olympics! A monthly even that will be chosen by an Olympic committee who decides what city hosts it. The events occur in the last 3 days of the month. The Lighting of the Olympic Torch will occur at 12 noon Central Time in SprucePort with a huge fancy torch. The Parade of Nations at 1 pm Central. NOTE: THE PARADE OF NATIONS MAY NEED TO BE HELD IN A RICHER HOST CITY. WE NEED AT LEAST 350 CAPS AND WOOL/ICE FOR ARENAS. PLEASE DONATE TO DEUTSCHLAND63.


Speed Skating
Figure Skating
Chicken Hockey [We need more donations for this.]
Water Polo [We need more donations for this.]
Sheep Soccer [We need more donations for this.]
Track and Field
Spleef [We need SNOW donations.]
Pig Sledding [We need CARROT and STRING donations.]
Pig Skiing [We need CARROT, STRING, and SNOW donations.]


Write a book and give to Deutschland or /mail send Deutschland with your name, the sport you want to enter/sponsor/enter into Olympics, and your Country you compete for/represent.

We need ice, wool, caps, and donations above for this Olympics. Sponsor one the first MCA Olympics today!