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    Added some lighting to the gate of Erebor, I think its quite nice. (Btw I used jex's disign, Hes ok with it doe)

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    Guess what?
    Munchy55, mk59apr, XXscorcherXX1231 and I finished mining out the area where the catacombs will be and might be a location of one of the entrances to the "Hall Of Kings"


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    I've started the outline for the mountain...Goes straight to the height limit...

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Finished the entrance to the Throne Room(s)

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    Been awhile since I posted here...
    So currently im re-doing Erebor due to me not being satisfied with Erebor currently.

    Also, still looking for volunteers to help mine out the hole at Erebor!

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    I've decided to re-do the majority of what i've built at Erebor, almost everything has been torn down.

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    Haven't posted here in quite a while (almost nine months).
    I suppose an update is long due for this project...
    Here it goes, for the most part; the whole project has been completely modified from it's original "Erebor" idea. Though it will have the same idea of a city under a mountain, the approach in which I will be taking towards this is completely different. The whole Lord of the Rings/Hobbit idea is gone. I found it was very limited in terms of creativity, as well as I found building in that theme extremely boring and unsatisfying (hence rebuilding that Erebor gate twice). Instead of doing an Erebor idea, i've decided to continue to do a city within a mountain, however it will be a modern looking vault city. The base idea of this is the Fallout series vaults and how they have whole communities in vaults. I took this idea to the extreme and am gonna be building a full modern city.

    Here's a picture of the progress which has happened since the last update. (I haven't been doing much on this project for the longest time):


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