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    Erebor - King Under The Mountain

    I've token the challenge of building Erebor, a dwarfven strong hold within the Lonely Mountain (From LotR). This project takes up almost an entire jumbo plot making it one of the biggest projects so far (Moria still remains at the top :I).
    The stronghold itself will like around 900k stone to build, the strong hold + the mountain will take about 1.6million-2.1million.
    The size of the mountain is 318x318 with a hole going down to y:42.
    It's estimated that this project will take about 9 months until I can call it complete.


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    Here are some pics of the front gate (Inside area of the entrance hasn't been completed, now have the front statues)



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    Almost done the 2 front statues with the help of Cooliojulio

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    The 2 front statues guarding the gate are done! Thanks to cooliojulio for designing them!



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    Quick update!
    Here's a pic of the people who have supported Erebor!


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    Recently was egged at my medieval city...Can't continue for a little while

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    I decided to make a "To-do list"...
    Its right here...Will be updated (BTW its from what needs to be done first to last)
    To-Do List:
    -De-Forest the plot DONE
    -Mine Out where the gate will be DONE
    -Build gate + Front statues DONE
    -Catacombs(Tombs N' Stuff) NOT DONE
    -Storage area NOT DONE
    -Residential area NOT DONE
    -13 Main support pillars NOT DONE
    -Mines NOT DONE
    -Small/Large decorations STARTED
    -Dragon NOT DONE
    -Mountain NOT DONE
    -Terra-form around mountain NOT DONE

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    Just mining right now!
    Once I mine out what I need ill start the catacombs


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    Started outlining where Dale will be.
    Dale is a city near by Erebor, it's owned by the humans in LotR's.
    Also heres a image from the live map of our progress

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    Looking For Volunteers!
    I'm looking for volunteers to help mine at Erebor! The faster this is mined the more progress I can do!!!

    Mail me or /msg me while i'm online if you'd like to support this project. You are allowed to keep everything you get or you can give me the stone or dirt.


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