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    IRC Chat - Voice Required

    To be able to chat in the IRC channel, which relays chat from the game server, you will need to register, authenticate, and be given a voice (ability to chat).

    1) Join the IRC channel by clicking on Chat in the menu.

    2) Register your nick you are signed in with:
    /msg nickserv register <password> <email>

    3) Authenticate your nick when you connect to the channel:
    /msg nickserv identify <password>

    Request a voice from an admin in game.
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    sticky please?
    handy to know!

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    I currently don't have voice there, and I'm talking fine, and it's being relayed to the game.

    If it does end up being compulsory, could we have a bot to autovoice an approved list? (I'm not sure if chanserv or the game bot can be set to do it...). It would certainly save you guys time having to always voice people every time they connect, and it would save people like me who are always idle there from having to ask for +v every day :P
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    It seems to be the addictsbot needs voice to relay in-game chat to irc, but relays irc chatter to game, regardless if the user is voiced or not. An ircop needs to make sure to voice the bot after restarts. At least I'm guessing that the lack of voice is why this is happening.

    On that note, I would also like to express appreciation for the irc channel and bot feature. I'm always on freenode when I'm online, for other purposes, and it's awesome to be able to determine whether the server is busy or not, and decide based on that whether I should login or not It's also really helpful to talk to people in-game without having to load minecraft and have it hog my system! If anyone would like to setup an irc client to connect, I would be happy to provide assistance...love seeing irc busy!
    You can find me on freenode IRC as Gearoid, grdryn, or Gearoid|grdryn.

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    The channel mode is normally set to require Voice to chat (moderated) as a deterrent to spammers. When this mode is active, you will receive a "Cannot send to Channel" message if you do not have Voice. We can set an auto-voice list through Chanserv as well, but the users must still register their nick and identify to the services before the auto-voice will function.
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