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    The truth again...

    Motor Club Of America...
    People say Motor Club of America is a scam...
    theres 4 letters in scam
    Do you know what else has 4 letters?
    Thats right, four
    four is 4
    4 is the square root of 16
    16 is a age...
    people get cars when they turn 16
    cars have motors
    a motor is a device that creates motion...
    you know what else creates motion? that's right...a skateboard
    skateboards are made of wood
    wood is a material from trees
    DCL is a tree
    DCL plays on Minecraft Addicts...
    disney cruise line...
    the disney cruise line goes to mexico...
    mexico has nachos...
    nachos are chips...
    poker chips...
    poker chips are using in poker
    poker face is a song by lady gaga
    take the letters L, A, And G from gaga...
    lag...gamers hate lag
    lag has 3 letters
    a triangle has 3 sides
    the Illuminati is a triangle
    coincidence? i think not
    The Illuminati has 2 "I"s in it, and 1 "o"
    time for mathz
    2-1 = 1
    a one looks like a I
    I sounds like eye
    the Illuminati has 1 eye
    that's it
    MCA = Illuminati confirmed

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    lolz iwu, you cray cray.
    Playing music makes me happy!
    Vote for Minecraft Addicts!!http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/showthread.php/8945

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    LMAO well wuvvlez equals crazy person also how long did it take you to think of that?

    ~ KioTheMcaLord ~

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    <------- Not a tree. Check your sources.

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    I am highly disappointed.

    How was DCL put in there, but not me.

    Get your priorities straight, Dr. Wuvvlez.

    'Kindness before Wealth'
    - Deutschland63


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