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    Creative Contest 4.0 opens!

    Greetings fellow Minecraft Addicts,

    Here comes Creative Contest 4.0!
    The theme of this contest will be Castles, Ancient and Modern.
    Players can enter as solo builders, or work as team in this contest, one plot per player or team.
    To enter the contest you need to be a plot owner in either the creative or build world.

    Plot size for the contest will be 50X50, with build height limit set at 150 blocks high.
    Please keep your contest build within your plot, griefing on other plots will not be allowed.
    Any blocks placed outside of the plot border will be removed prior to judging.

    In our last contest there were lag issues on the contest site due to item frames, etc. Please keep your site free of lag producing items for this contest. Staff will do our best to stay on top of that situation ingame.

    To Join the contest, please ask a staff member to add you to the Creative Contest site, and you can pick a plot and get started building.

    Once builds are finished, players can be added to the freebuild site beside the contest for creative fun.

    Prizes for this contest:
    1st 15K caps
    2nd 10K caps
    3rd 5K caps
    4th 5K caps

    Contest closes April 21, 2015

    Builds to be judged by staff and given a score from 1-10, using a decimal format like 7.5, so we can avoid having ties for prizes. Staff will judge the castles with "good building sense" and other senses!
    Good luck and Good Building,
    -Minecraft Addicts Staff.
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    Contest winners have now been decided as follows:

    1st place: Limoman

    2nd place bobcatfish9

    3rd place kylebutters

    4th place wubblesbubbles_

    Thanks to all who entered this contest, the site is very cool and makes a good start for the south side of contest world.
    Playing music makes me happy!
    Vote for Minecraft Addicts!!http://www.minecraftaddicts.com/showthread.php/8945


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