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    Game of Staff

    Helpful hints if you are looking to join staff on Minecraft Addicts

    Gaining ranks is important to most players; Minecraft Addicts is no different. Most new players ask how to rank up when they arrive on the server, and this page is something we’ve put together to help you understand how the ranks work on our server.
    At this time we have two rank systems. One is gained by donation, and is available at our online shop; these ranks give ingame perks to help players get around and play more efficiently and also provide some one time kits. The other ranks are staff ranks, which is the focus of this page and up until this point has been shrouded in mystery.

    So you want to be a staff member eh? As we get asked so often we decided to come clean about how we pick the new staff members!

    Firstly we identify the need for new staff. Times change and staff come and go. When staff do leave or resign we need to fill the space with new staff to keep the experience levels so we don’t get into a situation where we have a large amount of new staff coming in at one time, and thereby lack the experience that is key to the server running smoothly. When new staff are needed, existing staff will start the process of finding new staff members.

    So, how does the process actually work?

    Names are then brought forward by staff with reasons of why that player would make a good staff member. This is done privately on the Admin forums and is followed by a discussion with staff giving opinions on you and reasons for or against. If all staff are in agreement we will proceed to discuss others to see if there is someone more suited to that or for any other positions that we will have open. This stage can take days or even weeks for the discussions to happen. Getting someone new on the team is not a trivial decision.

    When the final decisions are agreed upon by the majority, one staff member will approach that player and discuss with them if they would like to become staff and answer any questions and queries that they have. Should they accept, they have now become the newest member of the staff team.

    What can you do to get noticed and what do we look for?

    This will be a section that cannot be precise but these are some of the things that might catch our eyes or be something that we think about.

    Maturity - This is one of the largest points for or against players. You need to be mature enough to deal with any situations that you are brought by players as well as being able to keep a level head while making decisions. Maintaining an atmosphere of fairness and fun on the server is paramount. Mutes and bans should only be a last resort after measured discussion.

    Honesty - Staff need to be trusted with commands that can potentially be very damaging to the server and forums, so trust is a key element we are looking for in new staff members.

    Be a pillar of the community - What we mean by this is to try to integrate well with the community. This is because one of the key roles of staff is dealing with players and helping them out with any issues that they are having. You will be giving up your time to help those players out so therefore it is a commitment and we need to know that you are up to the task.

    Be active on the forum - As well as answering any players questions we are constantly trying to improve and develop the server and we do this using the forum. It’s not post count that matters but thoughtful writing and timely response to threads.

    Supporting the server -All of the above supports the server but going the extra mile we do notice. Whether it is voting for the server, donating, or helping develop the community and jumping on Teamspeak it is noticed and may be mentioned in your favour when we are looking for staff!

    Frequently asked questions

    Q. Should I ask to be a moderator?
    No, try not to ask to become a moderator as in some ways that will put that staff member off from recommending you. Another key trait of a moderator is patience; it comes hand in hand with maturity and if you keep on asking you are proving to us that you are not ready to be staff. Ask how to become mod rather than asking if you can be a mod.

    Q. How do I become staff?
    Just look up! There is a lot of text but have a read as this is exactly why this page has been created.

    Q. How long do I need to be on the server to become staff and why does it take so long to get staff?
    This is one that isn’t actually a massive issue if you are really new or someone who has been here for years. As long as you have been around enough to make an impact (in a good way!) to staff and we notice you and think you are mature enough and would be helpful it doesn’t matter how long. You have to remember that this is one of the oldest Minecraft servers that is still around and hence it will take time to understand the server and for there to be a staff position available that needs filling.
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