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Thread: Hi the block!

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    Hi the block!

    My name's Greg and I really just started playing Minecraft about two and a half weeks ago.

    I work for Kamcord (posting from work right now actually!) and recently our Minecraft video community is exploding right now. I became interested in the game from watching their videos.

    It's a lot of fun but I'm still struggling because I am hilariously bad at building type games XD But I look forward to the challenge and it felt really good to create my first house in survival mode.

    Or most of a house at least. Still working on the roof XD

    Anyway I'm really excited to be part of the forums!

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    Welcome Greg!
    Glad you're up to the challenge of building some stuff, that's a big part of what we do here, although playing in survival is also high on the list... Don't hesitate to ask questions in game, there's so much to learn about crafting and our server is quite old and has many hidden features that you can really only find by playing.
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    Hey Greg. We all started at some point. Some of us have been playing since day 1 of minecraft and kind of know what we are doing. We have several worlds: survival if you like the challenge, a safer Build world with no death or nasty mobs, and even a creative world with all the blocks you could want, to practice your skills. We are one of the oldest running servers and have the players to match, (as in maturity and knowledge-base, not old and grey).

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    Thanks for the warm welcome you guys! I'll be posting a bunch this week hopefully


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