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    Exclamation EC's Weekly Raffle!

    Hello there, fellow addicts of Minecraft! as some of you may know, I have started having a server-wide raffle, where I raffle off a diamond block every week! The tickets are 10 caps each. To purchase a ticket, type this in chat: /mail Elo_Carrot I want X tickets, which is Y caps, for week Z of the raffle. for X, type the amount of tickets you want, for Y the amount of caps that will cost you, and Z for the week you want to purchase the ticket for, if you want one in advance. I wish you all good luck, may the odds be ever in your flavor. Favor. Flavor. Whatever you like. I randomly select winners by giving each payed ticket a number, going to a random number generator, and coming up with a number. The ticket with that number wins the diamonds.
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    Definitely didn't write this during class...

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