Greetings Addicts! We have changed the screenshot contest format to a bit more than weekly. This month we're starting late and ending a bit early, but I want to get the winners picked out before the end of September.

THEME: The best of the last 5 years of MCA (yes you can use previously-taken screenshots of old builds that have not been entered in any other screenshot contests)

Contest opens: 09-06-15 12:00AM MST
Submission deadline: 09-27-15 11:59PM MST
Prizes: First - 1250 caps / Second - 750 caps / Third - 600 caps
Winners announced the end of September
Multiple entries allowed: Yes, up to a maximum of FIVE per person, posted individually (no albums)

Winners will have their photo posted to the MCA blog and to our facebook page.

No profanity in chat showing. You can turn off your chat and hotbar using F1 if you need to hide anything before taking the screenshot.
No obscenity whatsoever, whether in gestures or positions or situations.
Please be respectful of other people and their creations while exploring in all regions.

Please make sure you read the Contest Rules and FAQ: