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    Welp, It's A Little Late, But Nobody's Judging, Right??

    I am in my early-mid teen years, and I live in the south-eastern US. I was introduced to MC by a friend, but i only played pocket edition 0.6.0, but i really got into computer version during the 1.6-1.7 update. I joined the server a couple of months ago, and it was everything I was looking for. I wanted a good, clean-languaged, nice atmosphere, and good people-filled server, and I found it. The staff are all extremely nice, and always helpful, and always are ready to help me out in any way they can, such as selling items (*cough* dph *cough*). The server is just the right size, where everyone knows everyone, and everyone has those little inside jokes, which makes everything so much better. When I first joined, I thought that this was just a small, new server, but now that i've been playing for a while, I know that SO many people play, and that the server is turning 5 in just a few weeks! all in all, I enjoy this server, keep up the good work guys!

    -EC (Yeet Yeet)
    Definitely didn't write this during class...

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    Welcome to MCA I'm glad you are enjoying your self here.
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    I'm judging.

    I'm kidding, I'm really lousy at judging.
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    Welcome! Community is very important on this server, glad you can feel that.

    by the way, would you like to change your forums name to match your ingame name?
    let me know if you do ok?
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    Don't worry about taking time to post one of these! I don't actually know if I have posted one myself!

    Well you know if you ever do need anything...
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