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    I'm 36, I have a habit of discovering musical artists/movies/video games five to six years after everyone else. I can't text and 1996 wants my clamshell cellphone back. I like building with glass and I try to merge my plot house with terraformed landscaping. I also play Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2 but I'm pretty casual about it and don't PvP or join guilds. Finally got around to installing TeamSpeak and my mic/headset works - I think.... -_-

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    Welcome schob... Or hai... Whatever... I also have a knack for finding things years after they were cool (music), but it's still cool! Your builds seem very interesting, I'll have to check them out sometime, but good to know more about you!
    Definitely didn't write this during class...

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    Woo! I'll see about popping onto teamspeak sometime to say hi.

    Does your phone still have an antenna?
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    One more block...
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    Hello Schob on this forum ...


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