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    Hateful spawn contest

    Events are supposed to be difficult and challenging, sure - but more importantly they are supposed to be fun. The current spawn is truly wondrous and awesome creation (kudos to the builders)...but the current maze challenge is a downright awful item search-a-thon that 95% of addicts don't have the time, patience, or attention span for. (Keep in mind that we often have addicts as young as 13 and perhaps younger.) On the whole, it's clever, expertly crafted but the bar has simply been set impossibly high. The smart addict breaks out the paper and pencil to write down codes while clicking on nearly everything, the smarter addict brings crafted night vision potions so they're not squinting in the dark (that's right, I hope you're prepared to waste a dozen golden carrots on this), but on top of that, you need to be a parkour savant to reach the most out of the way places. There are invisible barriers to keep players from cheating their way around the maze, but these are sometimes intentionally left out so you need to bump against every wall regardless. Some of these invisible blocks are even used in evil parkour situations that tempts me to rage quit, but many addicts have already thrown in the towel before the clever tricks set in.

    I give the new holiday spawn 5 stars for appearance and creativity, the change of scenery is refreshing and I hope more seasonal spawns are put into rotation - but I strongly encourage some sample testing of players without access to code-commands before releasing pure torture upon the average player.

    Invisible parkour with a low ceiling so you can't jump? Seriously!?

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    I tested that barrier parkour myself and while it isn't easy it is far from impossible. We placed (other) barriers so players wouldn't cheat around the maze (and the rest of the map) and find things out of order, wouldn't want someone to solve our spawn that we worked pretty hard on in less than 2 minutes would we? We never "intentionally left out" anything, that would just mean that there wasn't supposed to be something there anyway.

    We made this map to be beatable before Halloween, the bar has been set to what we think the average player is capable of doing, given a little practice.

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    I bypassed all of the invisible parkour nonsense with an ender pearl - good riddance.


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    The event is meant to be challenging. If you think its difficult, try tackling the spawn secrets by Lofp that are over 3 years old and still unbeaten. What fun is a game that can be easily beaten? Minecraft is overall a very stationary game, in the aspect that its about harvesting and building. Its not often that there is something challenging out of the ordinary. No one is forced to participate. Also, you beat it in 3 days. That was the intended goal, something that would be truly challenging and require thinking outside the box and extra effort. There was no sign that said there is no permitted use of enderpearls or potions, you used your resources and completed the tasks. Mission accomplished, you fulfilled every marker we aimed for. Happy Halloween!
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