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    Whatever dere

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    Yo sponge, where you been? Ever going to get back on the server and terrorize noobs again?

    I've been counting down the days until football, I'm pumped! The SEC East is going to boil down to Tennessee and Georgia this year, and I give a slight edge to your Vols since we'll be playing you in Neyland... right after we play Alabama. :/ Georgia should have a ferocious defense this year but offensively they'll be more one-dimensional than Tennessee. Dobbs is a dual-threat QB and UGA has been struggling to name a starter for QB... that position will be somewhat up in the air for us until Eason gets on campus next year. UGA has, by far, the deepest backfield in the nation (Chubb, Michel, Marshall etc) but I think opposing defenses are going to load the box to stop the run game and force an air game that we don't have this year. Georgia will use their very good Tight End position more this season for the short-medium pass game but they are badly depleted at Wide Receiver.

    Out west I think I'm liking Auburn to grab first place, although it'll likely be a close fight with Alabama (as usual). Ole Miss isn't getting a lot of attention but I'd keep an eye on them to be a contender as well.

    As for way-too-early Power 5 conference winner picks, I'd say USC wins the PAC-12, Ohio State BIG 10, TCU BIG 12, Clemson in the ACC and Auburn in the SEC. We'll just have to see which teams turn out to not meet expectations

    What about you? What're you thinking for this football season?

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    pls come back sponge!

    i command you!
    Playing music makes me happy!
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    /tp spongepunk MCA

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    Hi thar Monkeyz
    Playing music makes me happy!
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    I think UGA's defense is going to really good, and Chubb will be Chubb. I'm picking UGA to win the East, thanks to the Vols losing to a couple of teams we should beat. Our game with y'all is going to be SO good, with our d-line vs your overal defense, and Chubb vs Hurd/Kamara. I'm still really concerned about our o-line though, it's going to be a miracle if they don't get Dobbs hurt this year.

    I'm also picking Auburn for the West. I'm guessing they'll have something similar to 2013, though less luck and more Alabama starting to trend down. Mississippi schools will probably fall off, with Ole Miss' defense and maybe Prescott for State keeping them somewhat relevant.

    For the playoffs, I'm thinking Auburn, OSU (repeating), TCU, and Clemson/GT (Still undecided on the ACC). What's the hype behind U$C for? Is it typical love for ND and U$C or is it legit? I didn't watch much of them but I didn't see a top 10 team from what little I saw.

    Random teams popping up to be good, I'm gonna guess Kentucky (to an extent) I could see them going 7-5 which would be really good for them. And Kansas

    What are your playoff picks? Who do you see being this year's "Mississippi schools?"

    Quote Originally Posted by DCL_ View Post
    CFL anyone?

    And I might pop on every now and then when I get my laptop fixed.
    Whatever dere

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    Hey Jex, how about baseball? Jays are HOT right now, Encarnacion hit 3 homers, including a grand slam, and got 9 RBI's today!

    How them Braves doing?
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