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Thread: Building a Desk

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    Building a Desk

    Hey guys,

    I figured I could share some of the things I've been doing lately. One of those things is a desk that I'm building. I wanted to get creative with the design, to make it real unique and one of a kind, and I'll post updates as I build more of it.

    The desk is build into a corner.... like literally built into it. I wanted it to have a floating effect; no brackets or legs what so ever, so I made a special kind of bracket that is actually anchored inside the wall itself and also sticks straight out for the ends of the desk. Picture below

    Its just 2 pieces of 3/4 plywood laminated together with wood screws and glue in the shape of a capital T. The cross part of the "T" is anchored into the exterior wood studs, and the vertical part of the "T" is sticking straight out for the end.

    Once those ends were in, it was just a matter of filling in the rest of the desk.

    This desk is strong enough to support a about 200 lbs hanging on it. That's pretty good if you ask me. More to come soon!

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    Wow, sounds complicated... I've always wanted to have a "floating" desk, keep up the good work!
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    It can support 200lbs? Two of me could be on that thing then... just about. That's pretty impressive.
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    Ypu built a desk out of yourself/your children! I am disgusted DCL!

    But saying that it does look cool, can I have one! Nice work
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    This is why i want woodworking tools and skill. Or someone to build it for me / with me.

    This is going to be amazing.

    pls post more pics kthx
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    One more block...
    One more block...
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    Thanks for the kind words guys

    More work done!

    The face pieces are all done, and fastened

    I have also finished cutting the desk top pieces and have also fastened them into place.

    Just gotta finish filling holes and sanding them, then painting time!

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    suggestion: at hobby stores (I got mine from Wal-Mart in fabric department) they sell clear plastic/vinyl in different thicknesses. I put some on my desk surface and replace it every year. it keeps the desk surface like-new, and I can place notes up under the plastic if I want. might not work with paint, but mine is just stained.
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    dcl is this the place where you are planning world domination?

    nice work, and nice pancake compressor... i hope you're wear ear protection thought cuz those are one of the loudest construction compressors..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mk59apr View Post

    i hope you're wear ear protection thought cuz those are one of the loudest construction compressors..

    Hehe I kid. Yeah, the thing is loud as hell. I snatched some hearing protection from work a while ago so I've been using it where I need to.

    And Nana - That's an awesome idea. I was just going to do a clear coat with some varnish, but going your route I could probably save some time and odors lol


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