(Finally, right?)

Hello Minecraft Addicts!

Creative Contest 6.0 is now open! The theme of this contest is PIXEL ART! We have designed the contest site so that nobody's artwork should hide or overlap anyone else's. The subtheme is video game characters or bosses.

As with previous contests, you can build solo or as a team, and you need to be a plot owner in build or creative to enter.

Plot sizes for this contest are 3 blocks by either 30 or 50 blocks, and there is no limit on build height.

To join the contest, please ask a staff member to add you to the Creative Contest site and you can pick a plot and get started building. There is a warp set up at /warp contest, and a rules board there as well.

Prizes for this contest:
1st 5K caps
2nd 3K caps
3rd 2K caps

Contest closes 11:59:59 PST August 31, 2016

Art to be judged by staff and given a score from 1-10, using a decimal format like 7.5, so we can avoid having ties for prizes.

Good luck and Good Building,
-Minecraft Addicts Staff