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    The End of The End


    I spent a couple hours in The End and managed to find a couple sky towers that were not raided already, but I found the edge of the world on not one direction but two! (It's smaller than I thought.) I was looking for a pick axe with Mend but I found a spare Enderdragon head and two Elytras - all are up for grabs to whomever wants them. I could have gotten a second head, but was denied in an epic manner by how the world perimeter bisected the sky ship. Can we blame that on Jenny? Let's blame it on Jenny... :P

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    I have no doubt it was Jenny's fault

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    I'll take an Elytra, what/how much you want for it?
    SOOO many ideas...hurts my head!

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    rode madly off in all directions!

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    Free...I already have my own and they're repairable with leather.

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    Oh, and whenever we get around to another MC update, they'll be boosted when you hold a rocket in your hand (like a firework but without the firestar, so just paper and gunpowder). I've goofed around in 1.11 with it, it beats the 'FLY' command hands down...flying through mountains and forests like a human jet is pretty rad. Hopefully we update soon - not having this implemented would explain the extremely low traffic our server has been seeing...I can totally see use zooming around our build plots like that...a game changer.

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    The last world border expansion was totally alien's doing. I swear.

    ... I think we have 1.11 on dev right now so I'll go see how much is broken. Apparently even the tiniest updates make everything explode these days.
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    I went to the End, and, while it's nice and all, I did not see all this cool stuff , how can I get to where the cool stuff is?
    SOOO many ideas...hurts my head!

    She threw herself upon her horse and
    rode madly off in all directions!

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    Nana, you will need to venture out ~1,000 blocks any direction form the main island. If there is an End Gateway portal, you can throw an ender pearl into the middle black block and be instantly teleported to an outer island where the end cities and ships are located. If not, locate one of the bridges built (single block pathway extending out in to the nothingness) or make your own.

    End Gateways, pictured here, form around the main island as Ender Dragons are killed to a total of 20.

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    Sooo....re-killing the ender dragon will just make a new spawn gate as above but NOT reset and refresh the sky cities, but rather make a new jump point into the region - hopefully away from where other players have been?

    Here's a quote from you when this last came up...

    "Other ways to reach the islands from the main is either fly once you have wings, it can be scary but rewarding too. The other way, how I looted many of them before the reset, is to bridge out to them roughly 1,000 blocks out. The dragon can also be re-spawned by using 4 ender crystals around the exit portal. Doing this, once the new dragon is killed, will result in the creation of an additional end gateway to the outer islands. This process can be repeated for a total of 20 end gateways."

    I think the End (Sky City region) is not nearly as large as our Build world...so if all twenty gates were spawned with equal distances between them, you could probably find a good portion of the sky cities that way - you would just need a stack of ender pearls!

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    I respawned the ender dragon and beat him... 2 missing ghast tears was the only thing I needed and fortunately the store sold them. But a second warp gate didn't appear (that I saw...maybe it spawned below the endstone where I can't see?) I'm going to try to make some long bridges into space beyond where the first gate teleports to...might get lucky


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