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    Back after six years

    In June of 2011 I claimed a plot, but I didn't do anything with it. My excuse is I was about a year away from changing bases from Patrick AFB in Florida to Tinker AFB in Oklahoma. I must have gotten wrapped up in real life Air Force stuff. I've retired since then and have LOTS more time on my hands. Also, my son is 12 now, and I made a small private server for him and his cousins to play on and be safe.

    So of course I got Minecraft reinstalled. I'm trying to get back into it-- so much has changed and I'm re-learning everything, feeling like a noob who quit WoW six months ago and re-subbed.

    I got on the MA server after seeing it was still up and better than ever, and the people were very helpful and nice-- very willing to show me around, TP me everywhere, etc. I was so pleased to see that my plot was still there, that the map was still there, even, and had grown even more. I was just floored that I still had permissions and everything. I was sure after all the inactivity that I'd been booted, wiped, erased from existence, and would find myself floating in limbo.

    That was yesterday. Today I met Lady_Asrael and she took me to her impressive plot and showed me around, explained many things to me (my plot is 'wood-poor' and she helped me plant saplings and showed me tricks on getting Oak Trees to grow HUGE) and spent a lot of time helping me out. Man, she knows her stuff.

    Also met Hayden, Squell, who is himself new (and French, I think...?), and Tankxsy. Others whose names aren't coming to me. Just a bunch of nice people.

    I'm glad I came back.

    John (Ighnot)

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    Welcome back!

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    Nice to have you back, Ighnot. Great to have old players return and rediscover Minecraft!

    I was big into WoW back in 2009... only lasted a couple of years though. I'm sure it's a considerably different game now.

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    Thanks so much, im really happy i was able to help you out this much, I'm so glad you decided to come back c:

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    Yeah, I forget which year I "discovered" Minecraft, but I got really hooked on it. The music, the strange rules, surviving, all of it. I would dig and dig. Later on, I discovered things like single player commands (I guess you could call that a 'mod') and other things, and I found I no longer had the discipline to just play according to the rules. That was partly why I was glad to find this server. The rules were enforced, and couldn't be influenced by me. Something about that makes everything one does more of an accomplishment.

    This all sounds pretty obvious, I'm sure. Still felt I had to say it.

    Thanks for the welcome.


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