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    Reclaim Request: N23W34


    I'd like to request a reclaim of plots N23W34 and N22W34 for Cedar City. These plots were given to other members as placeholders so that I could claim other land for projects a very long time ago. Now that those projects are done and Cedar City is being worked on again, I'd like to ask to get these 2 plots back to resume expansion of the city.

    Much thanks!

    Edit: By reclaim, I just mean have ownership transferred once again.
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    Thanks for being patient with us on this one Maple.

    For n22w34 I am not going to do anything as you are already a joint owner on it so it was obviously discussed at the time by whoever shuffled the plots around for you.

    For n23w34; you have said that you are keeping the dock which may have been yours before however I cannot verify as its out of log block. So you will need to keep that or discuss it with us if you want to remove it. I am going to make it again a joint ownership with Zaralink unless they want to be removed. This plot is only being approved as it is quite obvious that it was being kept and used for the city.

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