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    Anonymous2999 - N26E12

    Hey I'm looking to build a long term city in this area. This plot is near to some of my friends that play on here too.

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    Hey Anonymous, We don't normally give out large plots to brand new players. Normally we find a smaller one is a good one to start out on and get your bearing with. In this case as I know there isn't much around that area. Would you be able to give some more detailed plans with relation to the plot?

    Alternatively here are a few rectangle plots that could be potential plots if you fancied a look:

    s4e28 - Rectangle plot, a little swampy, half water and a small island of normal land.

    n26e12 - Rectangle plot with a small pond and that's all the water it has. This one may not be a good one to expand from initially however if you wanted to make a small town to get your ideas started then claim a larger plot and make an even bigger city to rival maples one!

    n1w22 - Again a mostly land one, has a swamp and a desert as most of it. This one does have a large expansion opportunity if you really prove yourself and make some good plans for the jumbo that is next to it which is currently claimed but would be available for reclaim.
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    n26e12 will be fine for me. Thanks for your help!

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    Land claim approved for n26e12.
    Hope you enjoy your stay.
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