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    Claim Request - N22W35, N23W35

    These plots would be the final expansion plots for Cedar City.

    I've drawn out a concept piece to show how the plots would be utilized this time around.

    As shown, the dock will be rebuilt and expanded onto N23W35, where more boats will also be built (the same goes for N22). The sandy area will be flattened into a beach. As for the empty space behind, I'm working on concept arts for a hospital. To the side, shops will be placed as well as a parking lot. Beach houses will be built right behind the beach itself.

    As far as my progress with Aduro Castle (other build in progress), I'm still drafting concepts for the keep and whatnot, so progress will be made on that soon.

    Thank you much,

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    Work on your current plots. I've reserved these for you.
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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