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Thread: Hey!

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    Hey everyone, those I know and those I don't, how are you? What have you been doing on the server? How about out of it? I've personally been going through life, struggling with things but it's all good.

    ~ KioTheMcaLord ~

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    So much salt it burnssss

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    Putting too many hours into Warframe

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    i miss ever1v </3

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    Carry me in Warframe when maple? Haven't played in like 2 years have they added anything cool?
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    I play less but I still play, almost 6 years later.
    My town is coming up nicely, come take a look!

    I'm currently finishing up building a copy of my workplace, it's a big 3 tower complex made out of stained clay.

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    Long time no see everyone!

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    Hi! Nice to 'see' you!
    SOOO many ideas...hurts my head!

    She threw herself upon her horse and
    rode madly off in all directions!

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    Hey there! I'm Working on the plot I was planning to get 5 years ago!

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