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    Quote Originally Posted by dph View Post
    Will update this to add reasons as people suggest them.

    As common as iron in the over world
    Fortune means you get 2.2 for every ore!
    No one to buy it from?
    Not as much as a commodity as Iron
    You don't get the xp from buying it from the shop (Same with iron though?)
    Commonly used build material, could we make cool things by having it cheaper

    More expensive:
    Located in the nether
    Nether is well stocked currently, no lack of resource to go and mine.
    Netherrack is easier to mine than stone (instant with gold pick)

    I would counter the experience argument by saying that iron is the same, you buy already smelted iron. Granted Iron gives 0.7 exp per piece and quartz after backtracking 3.5 ave per ore gives 1.6 average per piece @2.2 drop average. As I was basing the calculation that suggested the values of Buy: 6 caps, Sell 2.5 caps.

    Given the additional reasons what do you think it should be Maple. I like suggestions as I cannot interpret your reasons into the value you may be thinking of. I still think 3 and 1 is fair. If we made it too cheaply like I have had it suggested to me (cannot remember the figure but it was <1 cap I would think it would be too common, no real point of going and mining it.

    Ink sacks may need an adjustment but want to focus on Quartz for the moment until we make a decision to at least get the ball rolling on it.

    What I mean about the whole XP issue is that quartz is often mined exclusively for XP, while iron is not. That's what gives it value in the Nether. That value is significantly reduced when buying from the shop as a building block.

    I think it'd be productive to have a voice chat about this at some point with everyone to help elaborate reasonings and whatnot if that could be arranged

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    Tbf I don’t think that the nether is as hard as the over world, because the nether has 2-3 common mobs. Ghasts which can be annoying and can hurt, but it's relatively eazy to avoid their attack, which is a projectile. And pigman which are peaceful by default. The other big thing for me with the nether are the lava lakes, which are dangerous, yet you have to try to fall into them. And it's not like there are a huge amount of reasons to go the the nether in the first place. The biggest reasons, at least for me, are wither heads and quartz. And seeing how one of the biggest things of getting quartz is the xp, then you're missing out on one of the reasons to even pick it up.

    I'll agree that the nether's been reset recently, so it's not like it's the hardest thing to get, as it's the same spawn rate as iron, but at the same time it's one of 2 (counting glowstone as an """ore""").

    I guess it's just me being lazy but i think it could help to have the buying price of the shop be a little lower. Mostly because of the lower population of the server, which is my biggest thing against the argument of being lazy/encouraging player trading.

    The only thing that I 100% agree with is the increase in selling price to the shop.
    Price suggestion Buy:2-2.5 Sell: .5-.75?
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    A common theme I'm reading is that quartz is frequently mined for its XP. If that's true then said players mining quartz for XP should have plenty of it!

    My opinion on this is really simple: if you want easier access to resources, then build in creative. If prices get squashed too much in build then I think it begins to turn the build world into an alternative, ever-so-slightly-more-challenging creative world. What makes a lot of builds impressive on this server is that some resources in build do not come easily.

    Like I told Maple in-game, if you were constructing a building and were given the choice between steel or lumber, you'd have to weigh your options. One is a more impressive, sturdy material, yet much more expensive. The other is a more common resource that's much more affordable. Now just because you like steel a lot more doesn't mean it should cost the same (or close) to lumber. Now I'm not saying anyone here suggested our discussion of quartz specifically be priced similar to cheap items (dirt, cobble etc), but I am arguing that we should certainly keep a healthy range between basic and higher-end building materials. One of the funner aspects of our server is that resources are not hand-outs... if you want to make a build that's more impressive, then it should come as more of a challenge - whether purchasing those resources or acquiring them yourself.

    If I'm building a large project and making the whole thing out of quartz proves too expensive, then I'll simply consider an alternative material for that build. One of the things that makes builds such as dph's casino and some of Maple's modern builds in Cedar City stand out is they were built with quartz, and its high value is what makes those builds more impressive than projects made with cheaper materials. If we kill off the value of quartz, then suddenly everyone has it. Those builds suddenly lose much of what made them unique in the first place.

    In summary, I'm quite opposed to reducing the buy price of quartz in the shop. I believe it should either stay at 3, or preferably go to 4. I can certainly agree with just about everyone that the sell price def needs to go up though. I think up to 1 cap is fair. This means it's no longer worthless to sell to the shop, but at the same time a 4 buy / 1 sell price would mean the difference between the two prices still encourages selling to other players. Could easily ask for 2-3 caps a block when player selling.

    For the sake of example, if we went with 2 buy and .5 sell, that'd mean realistically you'd only get .5 to 1.5 caps per block when player selling. Point being if we drop prices too much it begins to hurt the player market more. Sure it might make it easier to get things via the shop in build, but suddenly it devalues quartz as an asset too.


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