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Will update this to add reasons as people suggest them.

As common as iron in the over world
Fortune means you get 2.2 for every ore!
No one to buy it from?
Not as much as a commodity as Iron
You don't get the xp from buying it from the shop (Same with iron though?)
Commonly used build material, could we make cool things by having it cheaper

More expensive:
Located in the nether
Nether is well stocked currently, no lack of resource to go and mine.
Netherrack is easier to mine than stone (instant with gold pick)

I would counter the experience argument by saying that iron is the same, you buy already smelted iron. Granted Iron gives 0.7 exp per piece and quartz after backtracking 3.5 ave per ore gives 1.6 average per piece @2.2 drop average. As I was basing the calculation that suggested the values of Buy: 6 caps, Sell 2.5 caps.

Given the additional reasons what do you think it should be Maple. I like suggestions as I cannot interpret your reasons into the value you may be thinking of. I still think 3 and 1 is fair. If we made it too cheaply like I have had it suggested to me (cannot remember the figure but it was <1 cap I would think it would be too common, no real point of going and mining it.

Ink sacks may need an adjustment but want to focus on Quartz for the moment until we make a decision to at least get the ball rolling on it.

What I mean about the whole XP issue is that quartz is often mined exclusively for XP, while iron is not. That's what gives it value in the Nether. That value is significantly reduced when buying from the shop as a building block.

I think it'd be productive to have a voice chat about this at some point with everyone to help elaborate reasonings and whatnot if that could be arranged