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Thread: Warps

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    Do we have a current list of publicly available warps? I know "/warp bank" is fairly common.

    Also, I showed mxzas my idea for a warp marker: four iron doors enclosing a pressure plate. When the warpee lands on the location, he triggers the four doors to swing open. The warp label would be written on signs nearby.

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    i know /warp hotel and /warp bank are two, albeit obvious for ppl who have been here a while. there was talk a while bank on making a viewable list of public warps, but I don't think /listwarps should be available for anyone but admins unless there's a user-based privacy system.

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    /warp desert

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    was thinking about this...

    might come up with a solution later on.

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    Might need to make a /warp list command or something, that would show all the available warps.

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    We can't show all warps, because of serious secret government conspiracies, and unfortunately I havent found a better mod yet. I could setup a warp section under the new section "Our Economy" (when it's ready) and at least it will be more organized. How's the homepage layout? I'm gonna ditch the chat box. Would you like to see anything else on the homepage? Soon I'll pull some top ranking players but let me know if you'd like to see anything else.


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