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    I explored a couple of other servers to see what kinds of plugins they had and found one that I think would be useful. Craftizens allows placement of npcs in the world that can be used to do quests. I was thinking that this could be very useful for the bank. I think it's possible to set up transactions with NPCs so that any member/builder can go to the bank to make a purchase even if an admin is not online.

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    Ohh... that IS awesome. Could they be pointed to a table that holds the correct exchange rates?

    After looking at this, it looks pretty early and buggy, but very promising.

    This led me to iConomy, a currency and shop system. Would we consider using something like this?
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    Craftizens is in early development, but when I interacted with an npc on another server, it seemed already well suited for this purpose, but I'm not sure about the specifics.

    As for iConomy, I'll have to look at the details later. One reason that Jangles and I like the current system is because the community has full control of how transactions work. Perhaps iConomy does allow this, but I've heard that several economy plugins introduce unwanted limitations.

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    I've heard of them. Craftizens won't be easy to manipulate to get it to replace the bank, but iConomy could work down the road. From what I've been reading, iConomy just manages money "coin", and I can change that term. In the readme there are future plans for an "iCShop - Shop addon for iConomy".

    Let's wait a bit?

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    I say for further development, doesn't seem practical. How it is now seems better.


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