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    my hair is a mess, my lighting is bad, webcam is bad
    but no matter, this is me :P
    (will get new glasses in 3 weeks when they are done )
    (and yeah I know my room is a mess -_- )

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    room mess.. you havent seen my desk.

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    behind me is not my desk
    my desk is even worse

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    the 1 thing that I noticed is that you write like you talk heheh its very cool.

    I could tell that it was you even if I dint even know you wrote it
    oh and new glasses? nice nice I dont where any.
    I am lofp's complete lack of surprise. -

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    Not what i expected you to look like.
    Totally agree with lofp in the way that you write like you talk

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    dude you look, pro

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    how do you mean pro? :P

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    :P u look way diferent than i tought you looked.
    but i expetect glasses to see
    Just another day in this blocky world will make me go mad... I square...

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    You look younger than I thought... nice pic.

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    I am still 19 years old, or young just how you see it :P


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