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    Minecraft Answers

    I've created a portal where anyone who has a Minecraft question can get answer.


    You can't use your vbulletin login, but it's very easy to choose one of the other registration options, such as your google account, to get started. (OpenID provider).

    I want to spread the word out to everyone and not just ourselves. All addicts members and admins will be administrators and considered the experts, but it's really up to you to become an expert!


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    BRILLIANT! I love it, works awesome for those small doubts nobody wants to answer in game, yet would either cause a debate on forums or not get noticed at all, the reputation thing really gets you going

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    This could be a very useful resource for the greater minecraft community. Great initiative MrJangles!

    Bug: when clicking on FAQ, I get the recent questions page, with a shaded red box towards the top, saying: 'You need a reputation of 100 to Edit wiki posts.'

    This should lead to a FAQ on using the shapado instance or what the site is about or that type of stuff I think.

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    I have nothing in FAQ so I think it's auto redirecting. I'll work on that.

    Thanks! I must say, I really like how it turned out.

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    Really nice. Should be easier to get answers to questions and stop questions being asked numerous times.
    Nice one MrJangles!

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    Just a thought on this. I see that minecraftanswers.com redirects to ask.minecraftaddicts.com. I think it might be more beneficial to have it the other way around, and have minecraftanswers.com as the main domain, especially if you are trying to spread it to other people on other servers. It will separate the addicts server with the answers site a bit more, and make it seem more open to others. It might also get people on this server to realise that server specific queries are better placed here on the forum (at least that's the way I see it...).

    Also, maybe try to get it under the 'links' section on the minecraftwiki.net front page?

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    Good idea grdyn. The reason why I'm not using minecraftanswers.com as the main domain is technical! I didn't have plans to use minecraftanswers.com I'm limited to options in their system. I tried changed it and it didn't work.

    I'll give it another shot. http://www.minecraftanswers.com - wooo

    I'll try to get link on the minecraftwiki, that would be awesome!

    EDIT: Hah, I got it, but it doesn't like the root DNS record for minecraftanswers.com. Does some very strange redirect. I'll override it. Done case.

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    Nice work!

    Only thing now is, ask.minecraftaddicts.com redirects to http://ask.tweakuniverse.com/

    Edit: minecraftanswers.com also redirects to the above url now :/

    Edit2: disregard that, it's working fine now!
    Last edited by grdryn; 02-03-2011 at 11:11 PM.

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    I just discovered this, and realized everyone here is there! Cool! Is this sticky'ed somewhere?

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    We'll make it much more clear when I update the homepage
    MrJangles: how did you find us?
    tayroar629: i googled something like "sweet minecraft multiplayer server"


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