Well this is episode 3 of Yennage can't cook and after a random fault with my microwave (coulda happened to anyone) caused a fire last time, I decided to play it safe and make cupcakes this week, whilst following Jenna's successful recipe TO THE LETTER, with a few extra ingredients of course

Step 1 -- Head down to your local superstore and pick up the cheapest high quality ingredients you can find:
I've got Tesco chocolate chip muffin mix, Happy Eggs (no seriously), Tesco semi-skimmed milk, Haribo Gummi Bears and some Dr. Pepper.

Step 2 -- Grab your laptop/netbook and bring it right on into the kitchen, then open up Jenna's fantastic recipe for rainbow cupcakes:
Protip: Bringing a computer of some kind into the kitchen makes you look like a great innovator and a pioneer of Cooking 2.0

Step 3 -- Pour your cake mixture powder stuff into a jug to make it easier to split it into halfs and quarters or whatever:
Protip: Trying to pour cake mix out of a jug is like setting the difficulty in your kitchen to Hard.

Step 4 -- Split your mixture into 2 bowls or more if you own more than 2 bowls:

Protip: Don''t try and capture this step using a camera or you'll end up spilling loads of it

Step 5 -- Aggressively punch the cake mix to remove any lumps and stuff:

Protip: This step is completely unnecessary but would almost certainly impress Gordon Ramsay

Step 6 -- Add the milk to the cake mix as per the instructions:

Protip: Use dishes that are way too small for added excitement in the kitchen!

Step 7 -- I decide to take the decision to mix the ingredients in a random saucepan instead (well they are kinda like sauce):

Protip: Transfer your ingredients between as many bowls as possible to remove the excess that they put in the packet and achieve perfect results.

Step 8 -- Crack your egg into the same jug from earlier:

Protip: Crack your egg one handed while trying to take a picture to achieve a funky camera angle

Step 9 -- Stir up the egg (I'm not quite sure why you're supposed to do this) and then add it to the saucepan megamix too:

Protip: Try doing this without stirring up the egg and see if you get food poisoning

Step 10 -- Add a large splash of Dr. Pepper to the mix for no apparent reason!

Protip: Add random extra ingredients to well established recipes to become a cooking innovator like myself

Step 11 -- "Decorate" the paper cake holders (I've no idea how the one on the right got there...) and then pour the mixture in:

Protip: ALWAYS use surgical biro when drawing on cake holders to avoid serious ink poisoning (I used a regular biro for thrills and spills)

Step 12 -- One day some gummi bears came to life magically and really wanted to go swimming so they dived into the nearest batch of cake mix. The End:

Protip: Come up with a flimsy, poorly paced story to hide the fact that you don't know what you're doing in the kitchen.

Step 14 -- After just a few minutes in the oven on the recommended temp the cupcakes looked burned:

Protip: Continue cooking the cupcakes at the same temperature and for the same time despite KNOWING they will end up burnt.

Step 15 -- Once the cupcakes are finished cooking grab them out of the oven with extreme caution.

Protip: Take the batteries out of your smoke alarm in preparation for removing these cakes from the oven.

Step 16 -- This is how they looked after they were cooked and to be honest they tasted pretty good considering, also the gummi bears kinda melted into a delicious goo that tasted like a sweet version of jam:

Protip: Always remove the burnt top layer or "waste layer" as we pros call it to avoid getting sick

Well that was my attempt at Jenna's cupcake recipe and to be honest it was a bit of a disaster but I put that down to my lack of a glamorous assistant (I'm not THAT pro at cooking yet but just wait till the Yennage Can't Cook merch comes out!) but hopefully next week's recipe will be more of a success

Remember I'm always looking for innovative new recipes or twists on classics so if you got ideas please post 'em.