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    Yennage Can't Cook #4 -- Canadian Breakfast

    Hey hosers (lofp assures me this means friends), welcome to episode 4 of Yennage Can't Cook eh! This one is all about a traditional Canadian breakfast so after speaking with some official Canadians (thanks Bird and lofp ) I was informed that the staples for this meal should be eggs, pancakes (with maple syrup ofc!), bacon and beer! Oh btw for this week I've introduced a snazzy promo pic (lemme know if you want me to retain this feature)

    Step 1 -- Take a picture of yourself with a frying pan and beer:

    Protip: Take style inspirations from a combination of deadmau5 and ice road trucker Hugh"The Polar Bear" Roland to achieve the Yennage look seen here.

    Step 2 -- It just wouldn't be Yennage Can't Cook without the classic ingredients shot:

    From left I've got yet more happy eggs, well known canadian beer Carlsberg Export, Tesco smoked back bacon (not even in a box ofc!), Tesco pancakes in syrup and ofc Warburtons brown bread.

    Step 3 -- Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and vigorously whisk them with a fork of some sort:

    Protip: Always whisk the egg no matter what, I found out that if you don't you get some sorta food poisoning

    Step 4 -- Add some beer to the egg to make sure you've got enough:

    Protip: Add beer even if you know for a fact that you've got enough, after all EVERYONE likes you if you drink enough beer

    Step 5 -- Add some beer to the bacon too because you didn't put enough oil in the pan:

    Protip: Add the beer later than I do so it doesn't just instantly evaporate...

    Step 6 -- While the bacon is cooking away nicely, begin soaking your bread in the eggy beer:

    Protip: Use thin sliced bread so most of the egg gets wasted!

    Step 7 -- Once it's significantly coated in the eggy beer literally throw the bread slices into the pan:

    Protip: Don't do a thumbs up directly above searing hot butter if you don't wanna get burned!

    Step 8 -- I decide to actually read the cooking instructions for once as the meal appears to be going well:

    Protip: Always assume thatNOT SUITABLE FOR MICROWAVE HEATING is only aimed at cooking noobs

    Step 9 -- I decide to take out some insurance by cooking the other 2 pancakes in the frying pan:

    Protip: Always remember to eat plenty of butter fried pancakes as part of a healthy, balanced diet

    Step 10 -- I throw the pancakes in the microwave for an even minute to heat them up to burn inducing levels:

    Protip: Guess your own microwave cooking times and call yourself an innovator to sound cool

    Step 11 -- Assemble your masterpiece with the greatest care:

    Protip: Get as much of the fat from the pan in with the bacon and bread as possible, turns out one of the most common diet problems are fat deficiency!

    Step 12 -- This is the end result of the hard work and to be honest I'm quite proud of this one:

    Protip: Eat this all in one go to look like a boss

    Well that was a Canadian breakfast Yennage Can't Cook Style and to be totally honest it tasted pretty damn good (the store brand bacon was a pleasant surprise) although I must say microwaving the pancakes was a mistake as those ones tasted awful lol

    Anyway like I'm always saying if you have any ideas for new recipes then please post them! Got an Italian themed idea for next week's YCC so I'll see yah then eh!
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    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    You can't call that anything but a success.
    Next time, MORE BACON!

    (Ahh, I remember bacon... So damn tasty. (Pork free for a few years now.))

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    i like how you were worried about it not being suitable for the microwave

    i was worried about how confused the pancakes were

    Recipe: No nuts.
    Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free.
    Factory: No nuts.
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    Dude! That looks tasty!

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    I'm hungry now...good job. :P
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    I am with tigger on this one. Make up your mind, pre-made pancakes!
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    Next time do some fettucini alfredo,

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    The addition of the beer so much makes it seem like epic meal time.

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    Yen, I'm offended.
    No syrup, and what be this hoser term. (hoser = loser) * insult.
    XD Just joshing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsCommanderFluffy View Post
    Yen, I'm offended.
    No syrup, and what be this hoser term. (hoser = loser) * insult.
    XD Just joshing.
    he shouldnt accept advice from lofp anymore
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