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    Yennage Can't Cook #5 -- Pasta el Cheapo (Supporting our server)

    Hey guys, welcome to episode 5 of Yennage can't cook. Now originally this was going to be the usual stupid meaningless cooking where I throw a bunch of beer and/or dr. pepper into a random recipe in the hopes of discovering cooking nirvana. This week however, things are a little (not very) different.

    You see after reading this post by Jangles about the server bills I realised that maybe there was something I could do to help. Now your bog standard episode of Yennage Can't Cook costs about £5 to make, however, this week I decided that if I could do YCC for £1 I could send the other £4 to Jangles to help with the server (its not much but every little helps). So with that I give you pasta el cheapo a £1 dinner!

    Step 1 -- Take the usual picture of the ingredients:

    This week I've got Tesco Value sparkling water, Tesco Value Penne (what the hell does that mean) pasta, Tesco Value garlic baguette and Tesco Value pasta sauce at a total cost of exactly £1!

    Step 2 -- Pour some of your sparkling water into a saucepan in preparation for the pasta:

    Protip: The cheaper the water, the fizzier it is... True story!

    Step 3 -- I decide to try a new style of cooking pasta using my uber kettle so I filled that baby up too:

    Protip: Buy a kettle like mine which never stops boiling to get the best results with kettle pasta!

    Step 4 -- Bring the sparkling water to a steady simmer:

    Protip: Its hard to tell when sparkling water is boiling or not so its best to test the temperature with your finger (this could hurt a lot)

    Step 5 -- Throw some of your pasta into the kettle ready for it to be cooked to perfection:

    Protip: Don't literally throw it like I did unless you're planning on decorating your kitchen with pieces of pasta

    Step 6 -- Bring both vessels to the boil to start cooking the pasta:

    Protip: Scald yourself badly on steam from the kettle to prove you're hardcore!

    Step 7 -- At this point I decide the kettle pasta has run its course and throw it out:

    Protip: Don't make a futile effort to try and stop the water coming out with your hands, just use the off switch for the kettle

    Step 8 -- Pour your tomato sauce into a FRYING PAN (this bit is important):

    Protip: Make up bizarre requirements for successful cooking to hide the fact you only own 1 saucepan

    Step 9 -- Take the not at all burnt garlic bread out of the oven and serve the pasta in some sorta undersized bowl:

    Protip: Pouring pasta out of a saucepan into a tiny bowl is very tricky and should only be used to test if you're as good at cooking as I am

    Well all in all this was actually a fairly tasty meal apart from the bizarre kettle incident (must be defective electronics) and a total bargain at £1 (especially the 32p garlic bread). However, the pasta sauce was so thin it was almost transparent and was pretty lacking in the flavour department.

    Anyway now for the serious message. By me simply spending slightly less on a meal, I'm able to donate $6.34 to the server. Now I know that's not a great deal but I may well try and make 1 Yennage Can't Cook every month into a budget edition so I can keep a regular donation up. So I guess the message is this: if you can think of something to sacrifice whether it's not going to starbucks one morning or going without breakfast every day (don't try this), every month for the sake of the best Minecraft server, please do it

    Minecraft Addicts Forever!
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    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    as always
    and actually supporting the server is nice

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    Om nom nom nom!

    Lookin' good dude!

    And thanks for donating to the server!
    Vote <--Click to vote for our wonderful server!
    Vote <-- and here while you're at it!

    Internet Rule 639. Derpy Hooves loves you! *Kiss*


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    Could possibly be tasty, not so sure about that pasta sauce.
    Next meal will have to be even cheaper somehow.
    Remember to vote for MCA!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alien12 View Post
    Next meal will have to be even cheaper somehow.
    Can you stirfry cereal?
    "Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    -Dylan Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlewil View Post
    Can you stirfry cereal?
    Next money saving meal for next month has been sorted Thanks seattle!
    Don't forget to vote for our server!

    What a beautiful world this will be, what a glorious time to be free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seattlewil View Post
    Can you stirfry cereal?
    I'd like to see that!

    Haha great job as always
    VOTE for our awesome server!

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    wow, you really got that for under 1 £ ? omg that's amazing work you did there, especially with the kettle lol!

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    Yennage Can't Cooks donation turned out to $6.34 big Canadian dollars! For Minecraft Addicts!

    Thank you.
    MrJangles: how did you find us?
    tayroar629: i googled something like "sweet minecraft multiplayer server"

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    Kettle Pasta?

    ... GENIUS!

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