Hello there, its been a long time... Anyway I'm gonna go ahead and drop that portal 2 reference right there as I'm sure anyone who gets it will already be sick of portal 2 jokes now. So this is episode 6 of YCC and my recent addiction to mcdonalds and (their food isn't even burnt!) means that this is the first edition since mid June!

So this week I decided to make a nice healthy ordinary bbq chicken wrap. But this is no ordinary bbq chicken wrap, this has so much goodness and energy that just 1 bite will make you into some sorta hero

Step 1 -- The obligatory ingredient shot:

From the left I've got Tesco chicken breast steaks, fresh&naked mixed leaves (really?), HP Original and Classic BBQ sauce, Tesco plain tortilla wraps, Cherry Coke and ofc Irn Bru

Step 2 -- Whack your original and classic BBQ sauce into a mixing bowl:

Protip: Getting sauce out of a glass bottle is easy if you just use the power of self belief! (and enlist a little help from Mr. Microwave)

Step 3 -- Begin turning your bog standard BBQ sauce into Yennage's custom BBQ sauce:

Protip: The addition of cherry coke adds vital electrolytes and caffeine to an otherwise unhealthy condiment

Step 4 -- Throw your chicken steaks into your preheated pan:

Protip: Don't literally throw the steaks into the pan unless you're willing to take the spits of scalding hot cooking oil like a man

Step 5 -- After mixing your Coke and BBQ Sauce add in a little extra salt for flavour:

Protip: Salt is the BEST cooking ingredient ever invented (perhaps with the exception of MSG) and makes everything taste better so use it in vast quantities at every opportunity!

Step 6 -- Pour a little (a lot) Irn Bru into the pan with the chicken:

Protip: Irn Bru (pronounced Iron Brew) also has the added bonus of turning your chicken a worrying shade of orange!

Step 7 -- I hear that you guys can't buy Irn Bru in Canada or the US so I figured I'd take a picture of some in a mug to showcase its brilliance:

Protip: Get distracted taking needless pictures instead of keeping an eye on your rapidly overcooking chicken to showcase your multitasking abilities.

Step 8 -- When the chicken is cooked, whack in the custom BBQ sauce:

Protip: Use BBQ sauce to hide the fact that your chicken is now horribly burnt.

Step 9 -- Wonder what the hell is the deal with the packaging of the mixed leaves:

Protip: Contemplate the juxt opposition of BIG mixed little leaves while your chicken continues to overcook!

Step 10 -- Add the chicken and salad into your wraps and enjoy:

Protip: If you can't use BBQ sauce to conceal that your chicken is burnt, use carefully placed salad leaves instead

Well this one had a rather... interesting taste. The BBQ sauce was actually pretty damned good but the chicken tasted rather funky due to the Irn Bru and made me feel a little sick by the time I'd eaten the 3rd wrap.

Anyway if you have any ideas for stuff I could cook please don't hesitate to lemme know!