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    Never Ending Game

    Here's a game for all our Users. The rules are simple.

    1. You can only post 3 words at a time.

    3. You CANNOT post twice in a row.

    4. It must make sense.

    5. You can only participate if you are at least a Builder.

    6. You can only participate if you read rule 2. (i keed)

    STORY SO FAR. (updated every 2 pages.)
    One day in the city of Ponyville, a cute pony roamed around next to a swarm of parasprites. who wanted to eat some purple bumbleberrys and frolic Beside the Everfree. she found a blank flanked pony which reminded her to not hop over that tree. she couldnt remember where she had left her scarf.

    so she maneuvered to her scarf to find it with twilight sparkle while rarity said "gross gross gross that was his greatest trait so dont squish it."

    Those apples are so sweet and so tender with brown and green Manes and flanks. then one day, while rainbowdash circled around the church, a monkey shook a tree near the old park where pinkypie likes to frolic in a field of fallen apples where the pepper shakers attacked our hero and then took Princess Celestia's tiara. The wild witch who cackled crazily while flying away into the burning Everfree forest. She said "this is ...Horrible! All my base are belong to the evil Nyan Cat Armys. The end. MWAHAHAA.

    Epilogue: There were no ponies left except for in ponyville, where twilight isa gay movie but in ponyheaven its still bad. there was a princess named luna who always knew when the moon hits your eye and makes you see the elements and fart alot. too bad she couldn't find where dead rainbow dash hid the beano. So she went to the store, out of nowhere something jumped from the planet pluto with fiery rage And killed her in cold blood.

    Then applejack came and ate some moonpies that she poisoned with some 100% pony poison that she gathered. A block of Moa poison from the aether world similar to Minecraft but it has spheres instead of non sphere things. So as applejack was frolocking in Twilight Sparkle's library. Mr Jangles erupted and threw a fit because of his pissing gold house got griefed. He then proceeded to do things that he regrets. For instance, he poked lofp with his flaming stick and lofp yelled, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, you violated my pants and you really hurt my thing with which I like to ... censored for kids.

    turn on lights with the pancakes release my syrup from it's container. Oh so sticky in my mouth. Pinkypie hops in the white van and yelled "Cupcakes are soooo gooood." nom nom nom "I can haz teh hamburgers plz? But the man was addicted to minecraft, so he ignored sweet pinkypie, digging straight down he fell in a sphere of deadly liquid called Pork. He didn't theorize the validity that it could possibly be anything that could kill a glorified tarantula, which sits upon the loamy putrescence loathed with massive abhorrence for his crazyed eyed blue haired little friend parasprite.


    This parasprite never fails to love everypony that makes love to notch, the creator. I accidentally a whole pile of cheerios, is that the best way To do that?? Is put my Thing in the box where the movers left on the grand piano. That piano was playing a song with a tune that sounded like Beethoven's fifth symphony, but it totally rocked my cheese was worth the wait for it cause I found a shiny metal pokem that often used splash on My poor rebecca My poor rebecca black so she spit on him and God said... screw you guys! I'm goin' home.

    Epi-Epilogue: Then there a masochistic bovine made some sushi and ate it in front of the magnificient leoplueredon who then broke wind. The magnificent and sparkly gold pony of the sugar cane lands. ate the stupid dry hay from the left ear of his only sad cat poop who then established a sophisticated pair of tea glasses. Then the pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis made him puke on his son's jar of cookies. The next day... My lovely mother made me pizza. It was pepperoni with cheesy crust it was so

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