Are you thinking about building something huge? Size doesn't matter, but if you're ready to create a masterpiece you can apply to Follow My Build.

Fill out the application below by sending a private message to any of the moderators.

A panel of Architects will judge the final project from 1-10 to one decimal. An average will be selected and Caps will be rewarded based off the score times 100 for a maximum of 1000 Caps . You will be judged on design plan, execution, and the finished project. Please note, this isn't a contest to get more Caps, rather a reward for your well planned out work. Treat it as you wish!

Once you've been approved, you can start your Follow My Build thread. Only you will be able to respond to the thread so they can be kept clean.

Application to Follow My Build

1) Design Plan - Provide a detailed design plan of your project. Include sketches, world map screenshots, and/or a written explanation.

2) Overview - Include an estimated timeline. If you're not sure, take your best guess even if it's months.

3) Portfolio - Show off! We're interested in your current builds and would like to see what you've already made. There is no design skill requirement but we're interested in your contribution to the world.