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    Yennage Can't Cook #8 All Night Attack Sandwich

    Yoyo welcome to episode #8 of Yennage Can't Cook! A variety of factors means that this is the first YCC of August! I did make something a couple weeks back but it was so unappetising I physically could not post it. Anyway, this weeks ep doesn't start with the usual ingredients shot, but rather a story...

    A few weeks back I attended a BBQ hosted by an RL friend of mine (he also plays on MCA under the name MonsterTrain) along with about 5 or 6 other people. The original plan was to try and do a BBQ edition of YCC with some epic creations, however, explaining the concept of the idea to the other non Minecrafters proved rather... difficult... ("so wait you intentionally make bad food? why would you do that?") plus it inevitably poured with rain which also made the whole BBQ thing rather tricky. Anyway I'm rambling, long story short, a couple weeks later, MonsterTrain and his other friends had a bash at making something pretty awesome (I wasn't able to attend this event) and came up with this monster meal:

    So, this week I decided I was gonna try and copy what they'd done so without further ado, here's my take called the All Night Attack Sandwich!

    Step 1 -- Assemble your ingredients with pride:

    From left we've got Warburtons special Toastie bread, generic store brand tortilla chips (lightly salted), smoked streaky bacon, HP Honey BBQ Sauce, KX (Tesco brand cheapo red bull) and my new baking tray (not used this week)

    Step 2 -- Whack some special blend olive oil (extra pepper, why not?!) into your pan and toss in the streaky bacon at peak heat levels:

    Protip: Always throw in the extra horizontal strip along the bottom for good luck (that one is always the best tasting I assume)

    Step 3 -- Squirt on a generous dosage of the honey BBQ sauce:

    Protip: These squeeze bottles DO NOT make it easier to pour... It's all just a big conspiracy by the companies to get you to use loads more sauce every time...

    Step 4 -- Flip your strips and pour on the energy drink:

    Protip: Cooking with caffeine always increases the heart rate risk of a recipe by a fair margin, use it sparingly to avoid an early grave!

    Step 5 -- Mashup some of the tortilla chips over the bacon to add to the flavour mixer:

    Protip: There's nothing on earth healthier than salted tortilla chips fried in bacon fat, bbq sauce and energy drink!

    Step 6 -- Begin to assemble the attack sarnie:

    Protip: Use a cheeky double slice of bread for the base of the sandwich to avoid any mishaps when you come to eat it!

    Step 7 -- Add your fried up tortilla chips to the mix:

    Protip: Somehow overcook your tortilla chips to the extent that they turn black despite the fact you're keeping a close eye on them to prove that you're a pro chef

    Step 8 -- Add on the top slice of bread and enjoy:

    Protip: Eat one of these every day for breakfast for a truly balanced diet!

    Well that was actually kinda tasty if I do say so myself, although the energy drink was definitely not a wise move (also it was greasy to the extent where I actually felt my heart tightening). However, if you're looking for something to fuel you through a night of flattening a mountain, this may well be the solution
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    (Should state that I am MonsterTrain, with a different forum name to make things even more confusing, just Yen knows me as Lambo/my real name xD)

    Love it! I would like to create a comparison that mine, as I feel it's a little weak size wise xD But I totally agree with the BBQ sauce as it seems to shoot out, totally missed my burger at one point which when considering the size it was no small feat xD As for the heart tightening, I absolutely felt that too, I struggled to get through the whole meal.

    Protip: Use both hands to emphasise the size of the burger in correlation to yourself

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    Four burgers in One? Genius!

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    Haha, Great job Yen! As always: Keep it up, maybe u'll get famous once? Lol

    Also, @Lambo: U remind me a bit of EPICMEALTIME! Love the pic :P
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    Which guy Autom? And thank you =]

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    non-believers! Energy drinks aren't bad for your heart!

    Although the rest of that stuff probably is. :P
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    nope just for my wallet i always get addicted when its summer vacation when i want to skate i get dizzy till had atleast 3 energy drinks :P

    btw: epic fail from me i should qoute godz
    Just another day in this blocky world will make me go mad... I square...

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    Brief update...I haven't died yet xD


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